Frightful's Mountain

Frightful's Mountain

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Frightful’s Mountain: My Side of the Mountain Series

The third and final book of the 'My Side of the Mountain' trilogy, this incredible fictional children's novel written by Jean Craighead George is a great book for every cooped up, yearning for the wild, nature-loving child. Purchase yours today to help support The Peregrine Fund's mission to conserve birds of prey worldwide.

"Sam Gribley has been told that it is illegal to harbor an endangered bird, so when his beloved falcon, Frightful, comes home, he has to let her go. But Frightful doesn’t know how to live alone in the wild. She can’t feed herself, mate, brood chicks, or migrate. Frightful struggles to survive and learns to enjoy her new freedom. But she feels a bond with Sam that can never be broken, and more than anything else, she wants to return to him."

  • Paperback
  • 260 pages, 5 x 7 3/4
  • B&W illustrations
  • Ages 8–12